Sponsorship and Exhibition

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to this year’s AfricaGIS international geospatial conference, from the 18th – 22nd November 2019. AfricaGIS 2019 is a unique opportunity for you to meet with the worldwide geospatial community where you can maximize your visibility and showcase your products. Below the information you need in order to book your participation.

Contact info@africagis2019.org to become a sponsor.

  $30,000 $20,000 $15,000 $ 10,000
 Prioritized location selection of exhibition space (i.e. highest sponsors to lowest sponsors)
2 x free booths

1 x free booth

1 x free booth

1 x free booth
 Appointment of speaker in a plenary session 2 1    
 Venue for the organisation of workshop 1      
 Number of free registrations 6 5 3 2
 Logo on conference bag X      
 Logo on conference and exhibition related publications X X X X
 Logo on conference banners or backdrop X X X X
 Logo on conference publicity flyer (updates as received) X X X X
 Logo in email confirmation of registration to participants X X    
 Email blast about company's participation to participants and to media sponsors 1      
 Corporate profile, logo, company web link on conference website 200 words 150 words 100 words 100 words
 Display of corporate banner at selected plenary sessions and/or break sessions 2 1    
 Corporate item(s) in conference bag  2 items & 1-page flyer  1 item & 1-page flyer 1-page flyer 1-page flyer
 Acknowledgement during opening and closing sessions X X X X
 Retention of corporate profile, logo and hyperlink in long-term archive of EIS Association X X X X


Category 1: Rwandan organisations – $ 400 per standard booth. This includes 1 complimentary registration
Category 2: International organisations – $ 1,000 per standard booth. This includes 1 complimentary registration