Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre

10 W Circular Rd, West End, Kimberley, 8301


8th September - 10th September 2022


The Northern Cape Organising Committee invites principals and deputy principals from across the country to join us around the ‘Big Hole’ in Kimberley to not only marvel at the size and beauty of the diamonds that have been extracted in this area over the years, but to consider how we in Education can ‘Craft the Unpolished Diamonds’ that we meet each day in our schools.

Tibetan philosophers see the diamond as a symbol of human progress. They believe that as a diamond moves from coal to a brilliant, long-lasting gem, so a human can become refined even with humble beginnings.

At this year’s SAPA National Conference we will listen to experts and practitioners and participate in conversations and debates as we consider ‘Finding the ‘diamond’ in the rough’, ‘Buying that ‘diamond’ at a great cost’, ‘Cutting the ‘diamond’ to reveal its true beauty’ and ‘Admiring the final cut ‘diamond’ in all its beauty’.

This conference offers great opportunities to learn from like-minded professionals and to share own experiences, so that our joint efforts can reveal the true beauty of the ‘unpolished diamonds’ that we see in our schools.

We look forward to welcoming you and listening to you as you join your voice to many others to make this experience truly memorable.

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Lebogang Malgas
President: SAPA Northern Cape